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Boost your immune system

Overexertion, lack of sleep and stress put a tremendous strain on our bodies and minds. Your immune system gets a beating, none of us are bulletproof, you need an antidote to our crazy world. Our tonics are formulated to assist and enhance your body's natural defence mechanisms.

Why Turmeric

Turmeric is a perennial herbaceous plant, part of the same family as ginger, and native to southern Asia.  Its health benefits have been known in the region for a long time and have been borne out in research

What has emerged is that turmeric contains a group of polyphenol plant pigments called curcumin, and it is this compound responsible for some of its remarkable properties.  Curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, suggesting turmeric could help protect against illnesses and diseases associated with excessive inflammation.

Turmeric also seems to be a good immune booster. It displays powerful antioxidant properties, some five to eight times more potent than vitamins C and E.


Curcumin helps to fight free radical damage and inflammation in the body

Studies have shown that curcumin may work by reducing inflammation-promoting enzymes in the body. Cross Fitters, Yoga doers, F45'ers and all athletes  are using it for muscle and joint health recovery. It’s a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. Enhance recovery!

Synergistic Supporting Ingredients

Have you ever heard the expression, "the sum is greater than its parts"? Another reason Little Elephant shots work so well is because they're formulated with supporting natural  ingredients that work in unison to further increase it's health benefits.

• Ginger

• Black Pepper

• Hemp Oil

• Honey

• Lime

"Love the shots! Definitely pack a punch up front but mellow off to a perfect 'zing'. Great way to start the day" ~ Ben