Let's talk Passion Flower!

by Little Elephant


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Let's talk Passion Flower!

Jan 25, 2022

Nature's Sleep Tonic

A natural sleep remedy

The passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) is a common plant with medicinal properties. It is a popular herbal remedy for those wanting better sleep patterns. Discovered in 1569 by a Spanish doctor in Peru. Spanish explorers then took the passion flower to Europe and introduced it to European folk medicine. Indeed, it is now popular worldwide for its natural, anti-anxiety properties. This unique flower has five central spikes. These symbolize the crown of thorns and represent the crucifixion of Christ. Some say the five petals and five sepals represent the 10 faithful apostles. Originally, the passion flower was a symbolic teaching tool. It was used to convert the native Indians of Peru to Christianity.

Health benefits

According to scientific data, flavonoid vitexin, the most important substance in passion flower, has calming properties. In high doses, it can help anxiety and panic attacks. Instead, in low doses, it helps relieve tension or eliminate insomnia. In addition, it is ideal for gastro-intestinal problems caused by nervousness.

Reducing emotional instability

Passion flower is a natural remedy for insomnia and anxiety. Doctors often use it to help patients who suffer from anxiety before surgery. It can also relieve stress, pain, and other conditions. The leaves and roots of the flower are a natural, herbal sleep aid. As a matter of fact, they are a non-addictive sedative to soothe anxiety and insomnia. Passion flower teas and tonics also promote digestion. This natural anti-anxiety herb increases levels of gamma-amino-butyric acid in the brain. This compound lowers brain activity; thus, it acts as a natural sleep aid. In herbal medicine it is mixed with other plants with similar sedative properties, such as valerian.


Where does Passion flower grow?

Passion flower grows several countries including:

• South America

• United States

• Central America

• Mexico

• Parts of Asia

• Spain

While passion flower has a reputation for being exotic and hard to grow, many species grow worldwide in both warm and cold climates.

Enjoy the uniqueness of DRIFT

DRIFT - relax tonic, combines natural extracts of passion flower and other beneficial herbs to reduce anxiety; thus promoting better sleep patterns. Indeed, it is one of the best-known botanicals for anxiety. In fact, DRIFT is a herbal sleep aid.

DRIFT is an effective, natural sleep aid. In addition, it combines passion flower and other herbs for sleep. These include sour cherry, valerian root, and magnesium. DRIFT is free from chemicals and artificial ingredients. What's more, it tastes great.