Nootropics, what are they?

by Little Elephant


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Nootropics, what are they?

Mar 29, 2022

Nootropics, what are they, and why should you care?


What is brain food? You're probably thinking I mean the obvious, right? The stuff you eat that helps your brain, like apples or blueberries? Not exactly. I mean the stuff that many of us don't get enough of in our diet. I'm talking about nootropics.

What are Nootropics? Nootropics are all the rage with your fellow millennials.
From busy working people who want to stay sharp for long meetings and early flights to  students cramming for exams to busy parents trying to keep up with their children's hectic schedules, nootropics offer something for everyone.

They aren't just for geniuses. You have likely seen movies or shows where a genius scientist is busily pounding away at the computer to save the world or unlock the meaning of life. While those eureka moments do happen, nootropics aren't just for geniuses.

There are actually many people who will benefit from taking nootropics:

  • Anyone interested in improving their focus and concentration 

  • People who want to improve memory and learning 

  • People looking to increase creativity and problem-solving skills

  • People wanting better sleep quality

They're like a vitamin for your brain.  And like there are vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy, there are also nootropics you can take to improve mental performance. 

Let's get one thing clear: nootropics aren't drugs. They're not going to make you instantly smarter or bursting with jittery energy. Still, they can improve your mental performance as part of an overall health-boosting strategy. Studies have shown that people who take nootropics regularly have better sleep patterns and lower rates of dementia.

Nootropics also work best in conjunction with other preventative measures such as getting enough sleep each night, regular exercise, and a healthy diet. 

You don't have to be an Olympian to get brain benefits from Nootropics.

Are nootropics only for people who want superhuman memory and brainpower?

Nope. Most nootropics are simply healthier substances that give you a little brain boost. You don't have to aspire to be an Olympian or a Nobel Prize winner to benefit from these natural products. 

Nootropics can benefit your daily life in some of the following ways: 

  • Helping you get more done efficiently 

  • Improving your retention and memory capacity 

  • Making it easier for you to avoid distractions

Nootropics are most commonly thought of as brain-boosting supplements that help to improve focus and enhance creativity. While they support brain function in the short term, they are by no means meant to be used this way.  As a result, people often mistake them for being some one-time use smart pill. They should be considered a supplement to your everyday diet, thereby ensuring that your cognitive functioning isn't allowed to drop off even after intense concentration or study. 

To think of nootropics as a one-time solution would  be missing a massive part of their benefits – stress and anxiety relief. Higher stress levels lead to decreased cognition and performance, which you don't want when trying to stay focused on an important task or project. Nootropics can help fight these stress hormones and allow you to continue performing at maximum capacity throughout the day without burning out early on due to the effects of stress. 

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