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Magic Turmeric Pancakes

These pancakes not only taste wonderful they're a great way to include turmeric in your diet ... mix up how you get your daily dose and put your lab coat on, we're getting all sciencey with these colour changing pancakes! Some people prefer pikelets, some prefer crepes.. but whatever your favourite I think most people know how to make a pancake. But, do you know how to make your pancakes start as a gooey yellow batter and reveal a red-velvet-like finish on the flip? The secret science is in the pH of the mixture. Remember the pH scale refers the ranking of acidity or alkalinity of a mixture? Turmeric is used as an indicator of pH in chemistry classes everywhere....

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Five Benefits Of Turmeric

This fantastic spice packs in a lot of power when it comes to health benefits. Turmeric makes for an effective health supplement and should be part of your regular health and wellness kit. Read on to learn what it can do for you! Number 1. Turmeric helps relieve pain Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you struggle with chronic joint pain, muscle pain, muscle ache from over-exertion, turmeric is the natural way to ease the inflammation and get yourself on track. Low-level inflammation is an underlying cause of many ailments and is often left untreated and, for that matter, undetected. Taking a regular shot of turmeric may help in the reduction of inflammation and give your immune system a well-deserved...

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