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drift + recover

Drift is an all-natural relaxation tonic to help relieve tension, anxiety, and sleep issues.

RECOVER is a powerful wellness shot made with turmeric, ginger and more. The shot helps combat inflammation and boosts your immune system. It's an incredibly tasty way to get your daily dose of inflammation-lowering goodness - without sugar or fillers.

You can order a mixed case of DRIFT + RECOVER


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Customer Reviews

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Rachael F
Amazing for energy levels

I have found the Recover tonic to be amazing for energy levels. I suffer from fatigue due to an auto immune disorder and this really helps my focus and energy levels in a day with natural healing ingredients which I love. Such a convert. Super quick service and delivery to boot.

Anna McCracken
Brilliant Product

I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was on 4 x anti-imflamitory tablets daily to relieve my pain. After 3 days of taking the tumeric tonic my pain has decreased immensely and I feel much better! I also take the drift tonic for sleep and am going straight to sleep and sleeping all night! I can’t recommend this product enough. Thank you Little Elephant!!!!

So happy to read this Anna!! Thank you so much for the review and we're super happy to hear that our tonics are helping you out!!

Paulette Tasker
Blows My Brain (In a good way)

Wow the Turmeric Tonic really is potent but in a yummy way. Just got a few to try but about to order more as they are great. Service was super speedy & nice eco packaging.

Vanessa Nieper
Love it!

Just referred a friend Monique Suisilla, highly rate Little Elephant certainly alleviated the joint pain I was having!

Soooo good!

Erica C
Recover & Drift (12pack)

These are great tonics. Improvement in my energy and my sleep has gotten better when taking these vs the days that i don't take it.
Recover - taste is bit strong, the product itself is a great, i take is as a cleansing shot in the morn before breakfast.
Drift - taste is amazing and has helped me get to sleep earlier and a great nights sleep. Great products.

Thank you for the kind words and really happy to read our tonics are helping you out! Fantastic!!

Relax. Sleep. Unwind

try drift

DRIFT is made with 100% botanical ingredients that have all been used for centuries to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. You can use it any time you need it—before bedtime, after a stressful workday, or when you just want to unwind with a good book.

Promotes better sleep

Eases the mind

Calms nerves

Helps reduce anxiety


What's in it?

You deserve the a calmed mind and the best night's sleep possible. Drift is here to help you get there with a blend of ingredients designed to promote calm and relaxation and give muscles the rest they need.

  • Tart Cherry
  • Valerian extract
  • Passionflower extract
  • Zyzyphus spinosa
  • Magnesium

Fat: 41%

Protein: 55%

Fibre: 55%

Carbs: 55%

Feel Better, Recover Faster

the benefits

Brighten up your life with RECOVER, a flavorful tonic that blends turmeric, black pepper and other herbs to support body wellness and overall health. Made with fresh turmeric—a root that's been known for centuries for its healing properties—RECOVER will warm you up from the inside out.

Helps support healthy joints

Supports immune system

Improve recovery times

Powerful antioxidant


What's in it?

Using only fresh turmeric and ginger and botanicals that have been used for thousands of years, RECOVER contains no artificial, chemical or unnatural ingredients or preservatives. Speed recovery from injuries, post-workout muscle soreness, minor muscle strains, nagging joint pains and more naturally.

  • Turmeric juice
  • Ginger juice
  • Black pepper
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Lime juice
  • Honey

Fat: 41%

Protein: 55%

Fibre: 55%

Carbs: 55%

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