Our story

No preservatives. No weird chemicals. Just powerful, nutrient-dense wellness tonics made in New Zealand.

Inspired by the almost magical Indonesian turmeric tonic, Jamu. Native New Zealanders Grier & Courtenay founded Little Elephant Tonics after living in Bali.


They asked themselves a simple question: "Does drinking Jamu make us feel happier and healthier" The answer was, Yes!


That led to a second question. "Could we make a range of tonics to help other people rejuvenate, replenish and re-balance? "The answer was, "Let's do it"! And with that, the Little Elephant Tonics journey began.

Our specific blends of plants, herbs, and natural nutrients can optimize strength, immunity, skin, energy, and even sleep.


We recognize the value of giving people healthy alternatives and consulting with leading practitioners from both mainstream and alternative, ayurvedic, and western who also consider the benefits of an integrative approach to health as the best way forward.

We're giving it
our best (wellness) shot

We are giving it our best shot to harness the potential of nature and produce wellness for everyone.

The formulation for one shot can take months. Once our functional criteria are settled upon, we pair specific fruits, spices or veggies to complement the functionality of each shot.