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Read reviews from Little Elephant Tonics customers. Turmeric and ginger RECOVER tonics. DRIFT, natural sleep aid tonic and more to come ...
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Little elephant turmeric tonic

Great communication from ordering to delivery and even after this. Tonic itself if very good I would and already have recommended this to family.

A little drink with a lot of kick

I’m loving my turmeric tonics! Definitely think it’s helping me recover from an illness I’ve been struggling with. I’m loving my wee afternoon boost! I’ll definitely be putting in another order soon

Great tonic

I've just repurchased the recovery tonic as it seems to help my immune system get stronger. I also find the taste pretty refreshing 👍

Thanks Yoko!! Glad they're helping you.

Relief in a bottle

I’ve been taking little elephant turmeric tonic for over 3 months now and am having great results and relief from inflammation and a better sleep as I take in the evening. Love this stuff


Top notch communication, great offers and exceptional delivery service.
I take the full bottle of Re over, love the warm fuzzy taste.
Im feeling great!

Warming, tangy tonic

Finding the Recover Turmeric, Ginger and Friends tonic very warming. I’m not a scientist but it feels like tonic sets my system going, warming and nourishing it and from the colour a super antioxidant hit. I use it in my daily smoothie, half a bottle to give the drink a tangy edge. Recommend and think tonic is a good description.


These little bottles of goodness are a game changer! Like so many other people I have struggled to switch off in the evenings and enjoy a restful nights sleep.
I am now onto my 3rd order of Drift and the difference it is making to my ability to deeply relax and set myself up for a better sleep is really noticeable.
I have been surprised and delighted by the product, the ease of ordering, the great communication and prompt delivery.

Thanks for your excellent review Jo, we really appreciate it and we're thrilled to hear that DRIFT is working out for you. Great to hear!!

Recover & Drift Sample Pack

I was skeptical at first, especially when so many snake-oil sales men exist on the internet and reviews can be purchased to convince others. I have no sunk cost bias, nor have a placebo effect (given my skepticism)

Recover (3/5)
The taste is strong/hot and is not something I'd willingly take as a shot.
I have experimented
by adding a shot to a Ginger beer
by adding it to a bone broth (with onions) as a soup.
Both of these make it more palatable.
As for results, I haven't noticed anything specifically, although I haven't been consistently using it. (see taste above) .
I am also on Keto, any inflammation I may have had, may have disappeared through elimination.
The science around gut health etc is interesting, but I find it would be hard to measure the effectiveness. (I find comments like "Oh I feel so much better" too wishy washy for my liking.)

Drift (5/5)
The taste is sharp/tart and I quite like it. I take a shot 20mins before bed.
Being a sleep assistant it would be hard to quantify the effectiveness objectively. Fortunately I have a fitbit and can compare the nights where I have taken it and not, and conditions being similar, I can see I definitely get to sleep sooner, have a more restful sleep. The scores validate it.
This product I would buy again, A taste & B it seems to work.

Hi Reece - thank you so much for your in depth and considered review. Really great to have such a thought-through response.

Just as a note on the RECOVER - it's unlikely to note any significant improvements vis a vis inflammation if not taken regularly. Curcumin metabolises very quickly, which is why we recommend a morning and evening shot as being ideal, and on a consistent basis.

Thanks again!

Love Love Love

Love these little gems, have only been taking them for 2 weeks but noticed a difference after the very first bottle. Only have half a bottle a day now after having a full bottle for the first week to give me a boost.


Love all your healthy potions with an addiction.
I sleep well now and have a healthy energy and glow


Been taking this for about 2 weeks at the rate of 1/2 bottle (1serve)a day. Joints feel better, seem to have more energy. Will keep taking and order more. Tastes like crap and it’s hot

Sleepy Tonic

Wonderful. Another beauty of a tonic by Little Elephant. Will definitely be ordering again soon. :) Thankyou for taking health so seriously.


Just started our tonics Hubby and I trying half a shot each with fresh tangent juice. Oh my!! Love the heat and fresh start to the far so good

Great immunity shot

I knew this was going to pack a punch by the ingredients listed and it did its job in helping me to recover from being unwell! Had no issues drinking 2 shots from the 100mls. Will definitely be buying it again! Can't wait to try the new sleep one just released!

Little Elephant Tonics

Nice tasting tonics, I water mine down. I have half a bottle daily, make you feel really good. Great start to the day!

Love the Little Elephants

Addictive and zingy

Love these and try to have some each day! Beautiful added to orange juice and they give me so much energy! Also my skin glows more when I take this tonic which makes me super happy!

Awesome Little Elephant ordered by me at the last minute.

Little Elephant is working for me and my arthritis/repetitive strain/age. I just have to get into the routine of taking it at the right time of day. Less aching pain. Thank you. Nga mihi

Little Elephant rocks!

I bought this by chance. My mother use to make something similar and give each of us a bottle regularly. Since being back in NZ I have missed it. Trying this was just wow. Loved it and I can see the results after 2 weeks. Feeling light weight and energised, and I look forward to my morning routine of taking the tonic. I definitely recommend this!! I can’t wait to purchase my next batch once in stock. Well done Little Elephant and thank you!

Hey there, thanks so much for your awesome review!! We're thrilled you're loving our tonics and great that you had some family experience with something similar. That's really cool!

Love this stuff

so helpful for stomach upsets and to rejuvenate me after a big night out

Feeling great helping with pain relief


I like the taste of the tonic. I have only used 6 of the little powerful tonic dynamites, but will buy again in the near future. it is all good, packs a great punch!

Blows your head off in the best possibly way

WOW “ I was in shock of the power this little bottle punches.. I am in love with this tonic. It’s strong, warming and tells you he is the boss ❤️
I felt a difference in my digestion and my energy after 7 days of having one each morning . Love love love . Cannot wait to get more ..

Hey there - thanks so much for your review. We're super happy that Little Elephant turmeric tonics are working for you! Always great to hear from people who are finding them beneficial!!

Great wee tonic

Great tasting wee shot. Quick delivery and good communication. Will keep ordering

Good product

Good product