What we're doing now

Not about us but what we're doing now

Every website in the world pretty much (including ours) has an 'about us' page, which is fine and dandy and all that, but it's a snapshot in time. What we were doing before we started Little Elephant and what we were doing at the moment we started Little Elephant. But that is all history and it seems only half relevant and only one tenth interesting. Do you think about what you did three years ago every day? No, neither do we. 

After reading Derk Sivers, now now now page, which is cool and literally where I got (stole) the idea from - his page is personal and ours is business but we are a small business so, it's split between business and personal. So here we go. Our 'what is happening now' page which we will probably write on a two weekly timeframe, or something like that. If you find it interesting, or if you think it totally sucks please let us know - email us

Jan 11 2022

If you're in New Zealand  you'll know that we spent quite a while recently in lockdown, (12 weeks right before Christmas) if you're not in New Zealand, now you know.

Running a small start-up is stressful on pretty much any day, but add to the uncertainty of success with lockdowns and supply chain issues, the stress is compounded. It's impossible to factor in the number of unknowns - how long will we be in lockdown? Will there be another one around the corner? Will the outrageously expensive and apparently, calendarless ocean shipping optimize and get back to some sort of norm? Will the money run out before we get to the next phase? Who knows! DRIFT tonic helps with the anxiety by the way.

In November of 21 we decided to rebuild our entire online presence, website, social, emails, images and also redo the labels on our bottles. We set ourselves a deadline of the middle of January (which is rapidly approaching) to complete what is a mountain of work, at the same time as actually running the business day to day. Bear in mind that there are only two of us.

Over the years we've taught ourselves to take care of pretty much everything in-house, and I do mean pretty much everything. We build the websites, take the photos, write the emails, answer customer enquires, run the social accounts, manage inventory and logistics,  create the ads...you get it. So, this time we decided (thankfully) to outsource as much as we could and 'manage' the work, rather than do the work. We use tools like

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • 99 designs
  • Canva

to find people and, we now work with talented folks from all corners of the globe. Our new labels were designed in Bulgaria, our 3D renderings in Malaysia, our website development (coming soon) The Philippines.

Anyone looking to build out their digital footprint...well, there are great people out there ready to help you do just that. It takes some legwork to find them but the tools are there, and the people are there..do the work!

We're super excited to bring all these things together and I think we will almost make our deadline - probably not exactly, but close enough to call it a win.