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Drift is an all-natural relaxation tonic to help relieve tension, anxiety, and sleep issues.

We all lead such fast-paced lives these days; it's easy to feel on edge. When the day finally catches up to you, all you want to do is wind down, relax and get a good night's rest.

Our all-natural blend of tart cherry, magnesium, passionflower, valerian extract, and more helps ease your mind and enables a deeper, more relaxing sleep.


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Customer Reviews

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Mike Olsen

I have often struggled to wake up refreshed but after taking DRIFT I was amazed to wake up feeling like I actually had some restful sleep. I'm now a subscriber :). Definitely recommend.

Didi Bloom
products are a total rip off!!! :-(

the bottles are super tiny and the stuff does not even work. The cherry juice stuff will not make you calm or sleepy. Do not buy these products, a total rip off.:-(

Hi Didi,
Thanks for leaving a review.
Sorry DRIFT didn't work out for you. Everyone is different and there is no 'magic' fix but always worth trying. As you can see from other reviewers, many people find DRIFT helpful.
As for being a rip-off, hmmm, quite the contrary. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Awesome product

Just sipping it when needed and it is relaxing so I fall back into sleep easily when woken.

Mia Flett
Great product,thoroughly recommend.

I find that a shot of Drift definitely helps put me in a relaxed state that aids my overall medical situation and aids meds to work effectively! Very pleased with this product and no hesitation to recommend to others😊

Christine Wareing

Bought Drift and Recover and found that I’m allergic to the strong ginger in Recover so unable to use. I like Drift, pleasant to sip and I think it does help with sleep.

Relax. Sleep. Unwind

try drift

DRIFT is made with 100% botanical ingredients that have all been used for centuries to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. You can use it any time you need it—before bedtime, after a stressful workday, or when you just want to unwind with a good book.

Promotes better sleep

Eases the mind

Calms nerves

Helps reduce anxiety


What's in it?

You deserve the a calmed mind and the best night's sleep possible. Drift is here to help you get there with a blend of ingredients designed to promote calm and relaxation and give muscles the rest they need.

  • Tart Cherry
  • Valerian extract
  • Passionflower extract
  • Zyzyphus spinosa
  • Magnesium

Fat: 41%

Protein: 55%

Fibre: 55%

Carbs: 55%

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