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DRIFT - Sleep tonic

DRIFT - Sleep tonic


Formulated with ingredients known to aid sleep, Drift is designed to deliver a calming, restful experience. Both natural and effective, the tonic combines the benefits of Sour Cherry, Valerian root, Passionflower,  Zizyphus, and Magnesium into one sleep-aid formula that's free from chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

How do I take it?

Like our turmeric, RECOVER tonic, DRIFT is versatile. It can be taken alone or diluted in mylks, milk, or water. Warm or cold.

How much do I take?

Everybody has different metabolic rates and body chemistry, but we recommend starting with half a bottle about 30 mins before bed and see how you go.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

These little bottles of goodness are a game changer! Like so many other people I have struggled to switch off in the evenings and enjoy a restful nights sleep.
I am now onto my 3rd order of Drift and the difference it is making to my ability to deeply relax and set myself up for a better sleep is really noticeable.
I have been surprised and delighted by the product, the ease of ordering, the great communication and prompt delivery.

Thanks for your excellent review Jo, we really appreciate it and we're thrilled to hear that DRIFT is working out for you. Great to hear!!

Love Love Love

Love these little gems, have only been taking them for 2 weeks but noticed a difference after the very first bottle. Only have half a bottle a day now after having a full bottle for the first week to give me a boost.

Sleepy Tonic

Wonderful. Another beauty of a tonic by Little Elephant. Will definitely be ordering again soon. :) Thankyou for taking health so seriously.