Little Elephant Tonics

Little Elephant Sample Pack (12x bottles)

Little Elephant Sample Pack (12x bottles)


 A great way to try out all of our tonics! In this pack there is:

4x RECOVER Tonics:

 – This is our turmeric tonic and our best seller. You could say it has quite a kick to it, you’ll find out when you try it but be careful, it’s addictive!

This tonic is used for general wellness, giving your body and muscles a helping hand to recover after exercise or illness and with turmerics anti-inflammatory properties makes it great for inflamed joints, people who suffer from arthritis, or other chronic illnesses. It’s also a pretty good hangover cure!


4x DRIFT Tonics:

- The base of this tonic is sour cherry which helps your body produce melatonin which in turn tells your body it’s time for some zzz. It also contains adaptogens – passionflower, ziziphus spinosa, and valerian root – which are all mild sedatives. It also has a pretty high dose of magnesium which relaxes your muscles.

DRIFT is a tonic that helps you relax – whether it is time for sleep or to assist with anxiety.


4x SHARPEN Tonics:

- SHARPEN is our nootropic tonic. It’s designed to help you to focus on whatever lies ahead of you - study, an important meeting, if you feel clouded by brain fog, getting over that 3pm slump.

The main active ingredient is L-theanine, derived from green tea, which you will slightly taste when drinking. It also has adaptogens bacopa monnieri and rhodiola which also assist with clarity and mental focus.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Diane Rowe

Found it was very strong even when I diluted with water and with milk -- it didn't agree with me I couldn't drink it

G P Haimona
By G

Thank you for your service.
Discover - very strong and kind of hits the throat. I added water or drank water after the hits.
Sharpen - great but it tastes a little bit like lintus G cough medicine.
Drift - Well and truly helps with sleeping and has a great taste, loved it.
Now, how much are you suppose to take per day? Is this the size you get if you order more? This would be costly in the long run if that were the case.

Peter Door

Product and service excellent

Kylie Allpress
All Tonics

I have found all the tonics amazing
The drift tonic I can highly recommend.
I don't hesitate in recommending any of your tonics.
A wonderful buy

conny beekhuis
Little Elephant tonics

My favorite is the turmeric one. I sleep very well on the sleep one. Great tonics.