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Injuries, aches and pains, it happens to all of us.


You're left with inflammation and a compromised

immune system.


You recover slower

and well, it's uncomfortable.


Taken regularly our recovery + immunity

tonics will lower inflammation and boost immunity.

Turmeric and ginger immunity + recovery tonic - Little Elephant Tonics Turmeric and ginger immunity + recovery tonic - Little Elephant Tonics Turmeric and ginger immunity + recovery tonic - Little Elephant Tonics Turmeric and ginger immunity + recovery tonic - Little Elephant Tonics

Turmeric and ginger immunity + recovery tonic

Turmeric and ginger immunity + recovery tonic


This power-packed blend is the ultimate immune system boost and natural anti-inflammatory.

Whether your immunity is decreased by fatigue or stress or you're experiencing inflammation from muscle or joint pain. We got you!

The ingredients in our immunity+recovery tonic work alongside your natural defence system to boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

"Had been making my own turmeric tonics at home for after work out recovery. These are awesome and a lot easier!"

Pamela Rowls

2 APR 2020

"The first time I had one it was intense, very strong. Now I'm addicted. With my breakfast every day"

Richard Havelock

12 MAR 2020

"The turmeric is helping me with my joint pain. Have been taking for a couple of months now. Very good"

Vish Bhuyan

15 FEB 2020

Whole-food tonics are superior to vitamins in every way,
comprised of concentrated portions of entire foods, not synthetic extracts.

Lower inflammation

Boost immunity

Improve gut-health

Customer Reviews

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Love this stuff
Blows your head off in the best possibly way
Hey there - thanks so much for your review. We're super happy that Little Elephant turmeric tonics are working for you! Always great to hear from people who are finding them beneficial!!
Great wee tonic

A powerful combination

πŸ”Έ Promotes daily anti-inflammatory support 

πŸ”Έ May help reduce joint pain

πŸ”Έ Natural immunity booster

πŸ”Έ Highly bioavailable; includes black pepper for max absorption

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The right amount of the right stuff

Functional ingredients like turmeric, ginger, hemp oil, and strong black pepper to increase bio-availability, our recovery+immunity tonic is the real deal. There's a big kick in these little bottles.

πŸ”Έ Whole, natural ingredients

πŸ”Έ Nutrient-dense - minerals, enzymes, vitamins, phytonutrients

πŸ”Έ No preservatives. No chemicals

Shoot, Sip or Dilute. Your choice.

πŸ”Έ Take as a shot

πŸ”Έ Add to hot water or mylk/milk for a turmeric tea or golden milk

πŸ”Έ Super-boost smoothies

πŸ”Έ Take one or two doses daily

All natural Ingredients


Used for centuries, turmeric is a clinically proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant herb that reduces joint pain & maintains healthy blood flow.


Ginger can help reduce inflammation & joint pain while improving digestion and circulation. There are also numerous studies in animals showing that ginger can protect against age-related decline in brain function.**

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is made from the seeds of cannabis sativa, it's rich in essential fats as well as antioxidants. The fatty acid content of hemp seed oil may be good for the brain*, which requires plenty of healthy fats to operate optimally.


For thousands of years honey has been known to be a natural anti-bacterial. The first written reference to honey, a Sumerian tablet writing, dating back to 2100-2000 BC, mentions honey's use as a drug and an ointment.

Black pepper

Black pepper is more than just a spice; it enhances the bioavailability (up to 1000%) of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric.


Citrus fruits, in general, have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used for a number of inflammatory issues. The citric acid found in limes is a solvent in which uric acid can dissolve. Increasing citric acid in the body helps eliminate excess uric acid from the urine.

Frequently asked questions

Nutrition data per 100mL bottle

100mL per bottle
Servings per bottle: 2 | Serving size: 50mL

Avg per         Serve.         100mL
Energy           64kJ           127kJ
                      15Cal.         30Cal
Protein.         0.0g.             0.0g
Fat, total.       0.3g.             0.6g
-saturated.     0.1g.             0.2g
Carbohydrate 6.0g.             12g
- Sugars.         2.5g.             5g
Sodium.         1mg.             2mg

How do I take tonics?

Take alone as a shot once or twice a day or add to tea, smoothies, soups, golden milk. Each bottle contains two servings.

How do I store my tonics?

Our tonics are shelf stable, meaning you can keep them in the pantry. We suggest putting them in the fridge if you are using them as shots. If you are adding to tea, smoothies etc there is no need to keep them refrigerated. Either way though, you need to shake vigorously before using.

Are there any side effects?

Turmeric has known interaction with certain medications. Check with your doctor if you're pregnant or on any medication before taking any turmeric supplements

Can children take?

Yes, our tonics are fine for kids. We recommend splitting into 4 servings for kids.

Where are your tonics made?

We are a New Zealand company and we produce our tonics right here in New Zealand with local and imported ingredients.