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Little Elephant Tonics

RECOVER - Turmeric tonic

RECOVER - Turmeric tonic


"RECOVER" is a turmeric and ginger wellness tonic that delivers cell-protecting antioxidants from natural ingredients (no additives or preservatives, no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners).

We use fresh turmeric juice rather than a powdered concentrate, this ensures a very high level of nutritional value and extra fresh-tasting flavour. Turmeric produces anti-inflammatory action and ginger has been shown to assist with gut health and overall immunity.

In every 100mL bottle

🔸 30g Fijian turmeric root juice

🔸 20g Fijian ginger root juice

🔸 New Zealand hemp oil

🔸 Indian black pepper extract

🔸 Italian lime juice

🔸 New Zealand honey

Customer Reviews

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Little elephant turmeric tonic

Great communication from ordering to delivery and even after this. Tonic itself if very good I would and already have recommended this to family.

A little drink with a lot of kick

I’m loving my turmeric tonics! Definitely think it’s helping me recover from an illness I’ve been struggling with. I’m loving my wee afternoon boost! I’ll definitely be putting in another order soon

Great tonic

I've just repurchased the recovery tonic as it seems to help my immune system get stronger. I also find the taste pretty refreshing 👍

Thanks Yoko!! Glad they're helping you.

Relief in a bottle

I’ve been taking little elephant turmeric tonic for over 3 months now and am having great results and relief from inflammation and a better sleep as I take in the evening. Love this stuff

Warming, tangy tonic

Finding the Recover Turmeric, Ginger and Friends tonic very warming. I’m not a scientist but it feels like tonic sets my system going, warming and nourishing it and from the colour a super antioxidant hit. I use it in my daily smoothie, half a bottle to give the drink a tangy edge. Recommend and think tonic is a good description.