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Little Elephant Tonics

RECOVER - Turmeric tonic

RECOVER - Turmeric tonic


"RECOVER" is a turmeric and ginger wellness tonic that delivers cell-protecting antioxidants from natural ingredients (no additives or preservatives, no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners).

We use fresh turmeric juice rather than a powdered concentrate, this ensures a very high level of nutritional value and extra fresh-tasting flavour. Turmeric produces anti-inflammatory action and ginger has been shown to assist with gut health and overall immunity.

In every 100mL bottle

🔸 30g Fijian turmeric root juice

🔸 20g Fijian ginger root juice

🔸 New Zealand hemp oil

🔸 Indian black pepper extract

🔸 Italian lime juice

🔸 New Zealand honey

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Andrea McIntyre
Wow! 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏼🤸🏽‍♀️It’s my new love ✨🤍✨

I love and support you already! ..the courage to create and market this superfood product. It ticks all my boxes..
✨5 of the top ingredients on the planet
✨Alkalising healing combo
✨locally made
✨glass and aluminium packaging
✨small production footprint
✨an immediate zing on sipping (as reviews packs a punch!)
✨starts working immediately on physical and mental recovery. Lives up to its name 🤣
✨versitile ..sip, shot or add to anything from smoothie to soup.

And much more.

My partner said why don’t I just make it myself ..why would I. You’ve nailed it..(please don’t alter it). And also tumeric makes the biggest mess...hence why I know you’re brave, and you know your stuff. I’d rather support a young business too.

Ive recovered from breast cancer (7years ago). My passion is now whole food. I gravitated to ‘Little Elephant Recovery’ while holidaying with friends, it was to be a week of eating and drinking in restaurants & cafes. This inevitably promotes inflammation & general bad digestion. On the first morning I gravitated to the Be Organics Shop and your Recovery tonic.
That first sip was an explosion of my tastebuds and my whole body said “Yes” It was like the tonic washed through my whole body. I carried one in my bag and sipped it throughout each day when I felt my energy draining. Little Elephant (along with barefoot beach walking) helped me to feel amazing instead of the usual sluggishness from bought food. My inflammation disappeared and My belly was happy. My mind was sharp and I had hangover. That’s the magic of turmeric, ginger, lime, hemp oil and pepper..all together.

Excited to say my first 24 order has just arrived. I love your packaging! It’s brilliant. ONLY cardboard..straight into my compost to feed the worms. Thank you 🙏 thank you for such a conscious product. Happy I have a recurring order. It feels like the icing on the cake of my life knowing it will only enhance my days.
Ahhhh my first sip in 2 weeks. It’s like magic.

Wishing you success, good fortune, and fun, while building your customers immunity. What a time to be doing that!

Anne Marie Barr
Magic Tumeric

I believe a daily Little Elephant has contributed to a reduction in my MS symptoms. Very grateful for that

Super happy to read this and thank you for the review!!

Jessie Mclean

Awesome service farst dilivery, they are quit strong tasting but getting use to them now I've been taking for awhile, definitely feel healthier and sleeping better,

Reed Marshall

loving it

Donna Toko

I didn't like the stuff